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LAVA House Fire - January 26, 2008



The LAVA House,

Two and a half years ago I began collecting materials to build an archive of LAVA and LAVA House materials for my Masters thesis in Curatorial Studies at the University of Louisville. My intention was to compile a physical archive of photographs, video, fliers, meeting notes, etc. to donate to the UofL Art Library. In the midst of working on the project, all 17,000 sf of the LAVA House were completely destroyed by fire.

In addition to donating to the Art Library the physical archive materials, I felt the it'd be nice to have an online version of its thousands of photos, flyers, art and other "realia". I could go on about how important this type of documentation is or should be for the Art world, but you can look at my thesis paper for that. So, please proceed and see what you can dig up. The website is by no means complete (it is a HUGE project), but I wanted to at least provide a taste and alternative to the depressing "post-fire site" that has been up for a year.

-- Aron Conaway, artist and LAVA co-founder


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